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Floris Erich ros.discourse at gmail.com
Wed May 23 00:20:05 UTC 2018

I don't understand what you mean with collaborative task with ROS. Is it like human-robot collaboration? In that case you can look at robots such as Sawyer and Baxter from Rethink Robotics (they have some pretty good tutorials) and academic literature from conferences such as [RO-MAN](https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/xpl/conhome.jsp?punumber=1000636) and [ICSR](https://www.springer.com/jp/book/9783319700212).

Regarding cloud robotics, there used to be an EU project ([RoboEarth](http://roboearth.ethz.ch/)), which spawned [Rapyuta](http://www.rapyuta.org), which is now a [startup company](http://rapyuta.io). Sadly the open source Rapyuta seems deprecated and the startup company has not released their platform to the public as far as I know. Alternatively you can look into hosting ROS nodes in the cloud using Kubernetes (container orchestrator which can be hosted in various cloud environments including Google Apps, Amazon Web Services and Windows Azure), there is a (slightly dated) article about that [here](https://github.com/icclab/ros_on_kubernetes).

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