[ros-users] [Discourse.ros.org] [Quality Assurance] ROS Quality Assurance Working Group – May 2018 Meetings Minutes

Adam Alami ros.discourse at gmail.com
Thu May 24 08:28:44 UTC 2018


1. The implementation work of Make ROS packages quality visible has started. It will occur outside the group meetings and we will provide updates on the progress at each meeting and in the quality discourse. We have 2 volunteers so far for this work. Anyone who want to help, please let me know?

1. Appoint ownership initiative has been discussed.

                1. It has been agreed that people who do the implementation are by default the owners of the initiative.

                2. Ownership is ensuring the continuity of the initiative.

                3. ROSIN FTPs were suggested as an option to finance part of the ownership.

1. Energize the code review process initiative has been discussed.

                1. This initiative is to energize the current code review process. The intent is to review the current process, make it more efficient and promote it.

                2. The current challenges with the current process were discussed:

                         3. For core packages, its a resourcing issue. Not enough volunteers available to review the code.

Same issue for high level packages. Very small portion of the community shows interest in the review. Its usually just the maintainer who does the work.

                       4. Two options have been discussed: (1) a dedicated Wiki page or portal for code review with a reward system for the reviewers (similar to the Karma system), (2) Each time someone submit a pull request, he/she is asked to review another pull request. I.e. Your pull request doesnt get reviewed until you review someone else pull request.

                5. The process also need to be more efficient

                6. Most participants think that a reward system linked to the review effort is a good idea.


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