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Simba ros.discourse at gmail.com
Mon May 28 10:09:08 UTC 2018

hi guys,

when i was trying to start, first thing in my mind is like "how ROS handle the motor controller?" coz so far as i know (CMIIW), not all BLDC controller is ROS friendly.
so i can only place my bet for any controller which has protocol like CANopen and RS232. trying to plug the controller directly to PC (like intel NUC as the brain of the robot) as well as cheap LIDAR sensor and hoping it will auto magically work by the time ROS installed.
*idiot mode. i know.... i'm very newbie, with only 2 weeks experience in ROS :blush: 

just wondering if roboware is compatible for the latest ROS melodic version and ubuntu 18.04.
figuring out to work with roboware designer and studio to deal with a chinese BLDC controller. is it possible?
especially roboware and BLDC controller from the same city in jinan :slight_smile: 

i see chance in roboware designer for any newbies like me to play with simple autonomous robot using ROS. but yes, are all controllers (BLDC, brushed DC) and cheap sensors compatible with roboware and ROS?

i saw many great example using state of the art lidar (sick, hokuyo, and even $4K velodyne for sale which is still obviously out of my wallet :scream: ) while i have eyes only on $200-300 2D lidar (they have ROS driver but still don't have any idea, but at least i have hope as they said they have ROS driver :heart_eyes:  ) and intel realsense for 3D vision (i'm sure this camera will work as i saw it in many threats although i've never tried this until today).

so here is my steps as newbie from scratch to autonomous wheeled robot:
1. install ubuntu and ROS (18.04 ubuntu and ROS melodic? or just keep it with kinetic for now?)
2. install roboware
3. connect BLDC controller to any usb port or serial port (sure connect the motor to the controller)
4. connect lidar to any usb port
5. connect intel realsense camera to usb 3.0 port
6. get the power/battery on
7. and play with roboware for doing small baby steps

do you think my steps are correct? or i'm still lost in the jungle and still long way to go?
please kindly guide me by giving me a clue, even a small clue or direction is really appreciated.

anyway, thanks for creating such this great tool.
i do really appreciate it.

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