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Thu May 31 05:25:57 UTC 2018

These are fantastic! Thanks for the pointers @DLu and @MyNameIsCosmo!

[quote="DLu, post:2, topic:4923"]
Theatre with PR2s

I ought to apologise to my previous supervisor @severin-lemaignan for forgetting to list Roboscopie first up :blush: Isn't it an interesting perspective that a lot of the time just what we consider "the norm" in robotics looks whacky enough to be considered as art... e.g. the overlay of the ontology in Roboscopie, and the point clouds that you showed @DLu .
The level of close-contact interaction with the robot in Sky Sky Sky (e.g. the hug) would probably surprise many people. I won't try to be an art critic here, so I'll just throw in the word "juxtaposition" and be done...

[quote="MyNameIsCosmo, post:3, topic:4923"]
I was the robotics lead on Musings on a Glass Box. We had 4 robotic buckets powered by ROS, navigation around a room filled with actuated water dripping systems and some custom computer-vision boxes for navigation and tracking.

Hah, I would have loved to have seen those buckets roaming around to "catch" the water droplets: it's a clever idea!

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