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Victor Lamoine ros.discourse at gmail.com
Thu May 31 12:27:37 UTC 2018

We have open sourced a Qt GUI that allows users to export data topics (`Int32`, `Float32`, `ros::Time` etc.) to CSV file and videos (`sensor_msgs/CompressedImage` from bag files very easily.

The software is user oriented (non programmer) so it is very easy to use and features a desktop launcher when installed:



Main features are:
- Export topics to CSV files (multiple topics inside one CSV file is not implemented, each topic goes into one CSV file)
- Export H264 encoded videos from `sensor_msgs/CompressedImage`
- Progress bar to display the progress of the export
- Ability to export only a portion of a bag file (eg: from second 25 to second 60)
- Ability to change the video frame rate when exporting the video
- Ability to cancel exporting video/CSV

The project is available at https://gitlab.com/InstitutMaupertuis/rqt_bag_exporter under a BSD-3-Clause-Attribution license

Feel free to use it and create merge request / issues!

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