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Fri Nov 2 09:09:45 UTC 2018

hi Edu,

I know that I can manually edit 2D map but It won't be easy task for larger maps, that is reason why I'm looking for solution to do it automatically using existing R200 camera. 

Navigation stack works great, I don't have complaint for it, it works great with multiple laser scanners, PointClouds, just great. But I'll still like to make more realistic map that will prevent robots to navigate under table if robot is taller than table and similar situations.

R200 camera cannot detect obstacles that are closer than 0.5m and it makes it useless for Navigation stack. 

I'll give you example. When I try to navigate from point A to point B and there is desk in between, robot will try to get closer to table, when it approaches at distance less than 0.5m, R200 camera cannot see that table anymore and robot will keep trying to go under table and result in hitting it.

> Finallyand focussing in the ira_laser_tools. I would just look at the fields of cloud1 and cloud2. Probably are not the same kind of message. Could you please check rostopic info name_of_topic in both of them and tell us the type of message that they are using?

Both of these topics are `Type: sensor_msgs/LaserScan`

@ [Chris_Albertson](https://discourse.ros.org/u/Chris_Albertson)

I also tried using cartographer SLAM to make map and it supports to have multiple laser scanner sources. With this approach I can collect information from both, LIDAR and R200 camera. But map that is generated cannot be used effectively by navigation stack. I'm looking for solution how to convert map generated by cartographer SLAM and to use it by navigation stack.

@ [Martin_Guenther](https://discourse.ros.org/u/Martin_Guenther)

I'm already using both sensors in navigation stack, but I still need solution for using both sensors for creating more realistic map.


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