[ros-users] [Discourse.ros.org] [Next Generation ROS] Robot-localization porting to ROS2

Rohita83 ros.discourse at gmail.com
Thu Nov 15 06:28:40 UTC 2018

@Tom_Moore, For r_l initial testing, we have pulled r_l source from ros2 branch of the r_l repo and also pulled test folder from kinetic-devel. We are currently workin on migraiting test cases and we have ported/executed only "FilterBaseTest" testcase successfully but for remaining testcases, we have observed few things below.

1. Testcases are dependent on .test (launch) file that needs rostest/rosparam/rosbag etc pkgs that used in ros1 and not avaiable in ros2.
2. For "filter_base_diagnostics_timestamps" testcase, diagnostics code is commented in r_l source.
3. For "robot_localization_estimator" and "ros_robot_localization_listener" testcase,  estimator and listener related header/class are not available in r_l source.
4. "node_bag_pose_tester" testcase is also depend on <test> tag (under .test file) for fatching parameter values from multiple .test file.

We are heading towards migration using below steps.
As per migration guide, .test(launch) files should be converted into .py (launch.py) files using launch pkg in ros2.
But we are facing issues in loading yaml file with this launch file as there is no ros2 load param feature available.

Also, in CMakelists.txt, .test files are added and those are getting executed with ros1 gtest.
But in ros2 when we convert these .test into .py, we are not able to invoke those files from CMakelist.txt.

If anyne have any information/suggestion on the same, it will help us to move faster.

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