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Carlos San Vicente ros.discourse at gmail.com
Tue Oct 2 10:52:53 UTC 2018

Hi @Anup_Pemmaiah, @Dejan_Pangercic  

Thanks for your feedback, I will try to clarify some of your doubts:

1. Both TX and RX paths are suffering from the context change to the ksoftirqd threads but in a different way. In the transmission path both streams are going trough the same Qdisc queue. When there are packets pending to be transmitted in the Qdisc queue they are sent from the ksoftirqd context. At some point the fair scheduler decides that the ksoftirqd thread has consumed enough CPU and it is preempted. During this time, packets are accumulated and we observe high latencies in the order of milliseconds. For 100 Mbps it looks like the RX path, packet are processed more efficiently. This is probably because the Ksoftirqd context is not triggered all the time and part of these packets are processed in the Ethernet IRQ thread which has real-time priority. However, when we increased the network load of the concurrent traffic (>200Mbps) we observed also high latencies even in the RT normal case.

2. For fig 5a and 5b we were using the default configuration of each DDS. In the case of that DDS the default configuration might not be optimized for low bounded latencies but for other purposes. However, when for the real-time settings (fig 5c and 5d) we customized the configuration of that DDS and the problem was solved. 

3. In this case we had 80 Mbps non-ROS 2.0 concurrent traffic with the ROS 2.0 round-trip traffic. As there is no contention in the DDS layers the problem was very likely caused in the kernel level. Posterior analysis tracing the kernel confirmed our suspects. Changing the socket queues may prevent packet drop but would not solve the root of the problem which is going to cause latency. The real problem is caused by how the net processing is deferred to ksoftirqd context. For the moment we can only mitigate these problems and expect this is solved in the new kernel releases.

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