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William Woodall ros.discourse at gmail.com
Mon Oct 15 22:15:50 UTC 2018

I actually don't agree. The docking system in rviz is minimalistic and used primarily with things related to rviz's activities. rqt's docking system is far more sophisticated and necessary for some of the features it supports.

One important difference is that rviz panels share state with each other though C++ interfaces whereas rqt plugins can either be c++ or Python and exchange (almost) all information via ROS topics, services, and actions.

I actually see them having different goals, if anything were to be elided, I'd say it should be that rviz's application code (docking and extra widgets) could be replaced with rqt, such that the rviz panels (i.e. the render window, panels, and tool bars) would become rqt plugins and the "rviz" application would simply be a specially crafted rqt layout.

I'm actually not sure it's worth doing this, because of the aforementioned shared state between rviz parts which would require either rebuilding those interfaces as ROS interfaces (unnecessary and would have more overhead) or changing rqt so that different plugins could communicate with each other directly (a difficult issue to be sure, given you cannot assume the existence of other plugins nor that they're c++ or Python).

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