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Eduardo ros.discourse at gmail.com
Tue Oct 30 14:41:02 UTC 2018


Ok...couple of things:

- A bi-dimensional map with some extra knowledge: If you only have a 2D map and your robot is hitting tables and chairs...well, include in your map those tables and chairs. If your table is static, just draw it on your map. The navigation system will take care of not hitting it...Also, if the robot can go under the table, can be as if you have not a table at all, so sometimes makes also sense to make your robot not that tall. Chairs are a little bit more tricky.

- Think in the map that you are doing with gmapping as an hiper-static map. Nothing is expected to move there. You have to keep there only walls, tables that does not move and things that will remain in their position. If you include chairs and move those around you will make the work of your amcl harder. 

- The navigation stack is awesome: you have your map with static obstacles. Use it only for localization! The navigation stack can afford several laser inputs and draw dynamically objects that moves, appears and disappears. If you have a reliable positioning, it will not be hard to add those obstacles and avoid them.

- Finally...and focussing in the ira_laser_tools. I would just look at the fields of cloud1 and cloud2. Probably are not the same kind of message. Could you please check rostopic info name_of_topic in both of them and tell us the type of message that they are using?

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