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The Construct ros.discourse at gmail.com
Sat Sep 1 13:05:56 UTC 2018

Thanks a lot Andreas  for your comment.

Let us clarify our post:

* [ROSjects](https://youtu.be/cR-Ow5K7oSo) are completely free. They are not commercial products. It is true that they run off-the-shelf in [ROSDS](http://rds.theconstrcutsim.com), and ROSDS is a commercial product, but:

1. you can run ROSjects on the free tier of ROSDS without a problem, in the same sense that you can clone/create/store git projects in Github for free. Paying for ROSDS is not necessary unless you want to have additional features like bigger CPUs or multiple gym computers for faster AI training.
2. you can just download the full content of any ROSject and execute it on your local machine (you will have to have a proper ROS setup in your machine, though. Nothing special, we just wanted to safe you that step). 

The reasons for providing as a ROSject instead of just a plain set of ROS packages is to ensure that all the people that get the ROSject will be 100% sure that it will work for everyone and under the same exact conditions. Additionally you can use a Windows computer to run ROSjects on ROSDS, because you do not need a local ROS installation..

In any case, we liked your suggestion, Andreas. From now on we are going to include a disclaimer in any advertisement/announcement for our commercial products at the beginning of the post.

At The Construct we are completely open to solve our mistakes. With the help of comments like this, we can achieve it! Thanks!

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