[ros-users] [Discourse.ros.org] [Quality Assurance] ROS Quality Assurance Working Group September 2018 Meeting Notes

Adam Alami ros.discourse at gmail.com
Fri Sep 7 17:06:27 UTC 2018

Dear all,

This is the month of September meeting notes.


1. Where are we at? A brief overview of the progress in the implementation of ROSIN QA initiatives (Adam)

1. Update from Matt Drotter on use rating solution for Making ROS Quality Visible.

1. Static Analysis (Zhoulai and Davide)

1. Thomas present Statick


1. Where are we at?

     1. These are the initiatives and the corresponding update:

        1. Making ROS Quality Packages visible. Phase I, which is the CI badge has been implemented and Phase II (i.e. Quality Dashboard) is work in progress. The GUI is built, needs minor enhancements. The integration to Haros is remaining to do. https://git-afsantos.github.io/ros-wiki-qa-experiment/. We calling for help to finish the work (integrate the GUI to Haros). If you like to assist please get in touch?

         1. The user rating feature has been discussed. We looked at how we can leverage the current capabilities (i.e. Wiki) to implement this feature. It appears that it requires some effort which we are not resourced for. The group has decided to postpone the work on this to the future and focus on the quality dashboard.

        1. Appoint ownership for QA initiatives. As per previous notes, the decision is to appoint the person or the group doing the implementation as owners by default, unless they advise otherwise, In such case, we seek owners from the community.

        1. Energize the code review practice: We will run a pilot in two repository, MoveIt and rviz. We have a draft code review document, which is being reviewed by group members. Once we have a final version, we will upload it online and hopefully some code review in the pilot repositories will commence.

        1. Static analysis: ROSIN is looking to commence the scanning of some ROS packages. This work is being planned.

   1.  Some of the planned future work:

        1. Address the maintenance issue,

        1. Energize the CI service,

        1. Onboarding of newcomer, etc..

1. Statick:

       1. Thomas Denewiler presented the tool https://github.com/sscpac/statick. The group discuss the capabilities and the potentials of the tool.




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