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Victor Lamoine ros.discourse at gmail.com
Wed Sep 12 11:09:54 UTC 2018

Some news:

I fail to run tests on the python scripts, help would be appreciated: https://gitlab.com/InstitutMaupertuis/ros_robodk_post_processors/merge_requests/5

I have found an easy way to add custom commands for each post processor, specific services are defined in the [corresponding srv sub directory](https://gitlab.com/InstitutMaupertuis/ros_robodk_post_processors/tree/melodic/srv/Motoman), then a separate python script defines the services servers [motoman.py](https://gitlab.com/InstitutMaupertuis/ros_robodk_post_processors/blob/melodic/scripts/motoman.py). This way the common services and specific services are nicely separated. Service returns with an error if the current post processor does not correspond to the service called (eg: using a Fanuc post processor and calling a motoman specific service).

This approach seems to be working fine but I have not yet looked at the other items in the bullet list of the first post.

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