[ros-users] [Discourse.ros.org] [General] Introducing the XEL Network : Modular H/W ecosystem over ROS2

Kei ros.discourse at gmail.com
Thu Sep 13 08:56:02 UTC 2018


I have brought new project news related to **ROS2**.
The name of this project is **XEL Network**

**"XEL"** is a word derived from the robot actuator **"DYNAMIXEL"** and uses the characteristics of DYNAMIXEL communication.


The **main concept** of this project is **to standardize it so that robot hardware can be configured more easily using the features of DDS used in ROS2**.

The **GOALS** of this project are as follows.
- **Generalization** of Software Mechanism in Robot Development with Embedded Technology.
- **Complete open source hardware.**
- **Simpler** and **easier** robot development through the above goals.

The main **FEATURES** of this are as follows.
- Support ROS2(DDS using microRTPS)
- Plug And Play
- Daisy chain connection

And our **ROADMAP** is as follows.
- Support ROS2 (Publisher and subscriber are implemented)
- Plug And Play (Implemented using the DYNAMIXEL protocol. Additional supplement needed.)
- More sophisticated real-time performance.
- Supports various message types.
- Support GUI program (XEL Manager)
- Support IDE likes Arduino for user customizing.
- Support multi topics on one device. (Currently, only one topic per one is possible.)


What has been developed so far is only a simple function, and it requires a lot of function addition, stabilization and optimization.

But, as one of our goals is a complete open source hardware, **we would like to develop it with anyone interested in this project**. So I post this here that this project is there and it has progressed to this extent.

**For more information** on this project, please refer to the following wiki document.
- [XEL Network](xelnetwork.robotis.com)

We specially thanks to **ROS2 developers** and **ROS community** and **eProsima developers**.


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