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Fri Sep 14 15:18:07 UTC 2018

[quote="basdebruijn, post:8, topic:5832"]

n my opinion, in industry, users need an easy way of programming so they get things done. These users dont go designing robots, they dont have the knowledge/time/money, they dont go tinkering, they dont have the time/knowlege/task to dive into writing nodes and worrying about dds, realtime etcetera. They have a task and want to use a tool to solve a problem.


This I run into all the time as well, along with @chloe comment around students/even grad level students wary of C++ and ROS. This effort will obviously be a multi-generational effort. But first lay out a roadmap, and start small and build from there. I agree with @ThiloZimmermann  that a near term initiative around the ROSIN FTP vehicle may be a good place to start. We look forward to seeing progress and challenging prior ways of thinking. Perhaps a side discussion can take place at ROSCon in Madrid to start framing out a roadmap with spurs to account for some of these ancillary concerns that we all know at some point have to be covered.

Looking forward to continued dialog on this one!



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