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gerkey ros.discourse at gmail.com
Mon Sep 24 16:32:51 UTC 2018

tl;dr: I'm happy to announce the formation of the ROS 2 Technical Steering Committee! Look for updates to the roadmap, and please let us know if you want to participate.

Since the beginning of ROS, the project has been overseen and prioritized primarily by one organization, first Willow Garage and now Open Robotics. That approach has worked well enough, as evidenced by the widespread adoption of ROS around the world.

But with ROS 2, we want to broaden participation to accelerate ROS 2 delivery, starting with these areas: determining the roadmap, developing core tools and libraries, and establishing working groups to focus on important topics. To that end, we've established a Technical Steering Committee (TSC). As described in the [charter](https://discourse-cdn-sjc2.com/standard17/uploads/ros/original/2X/5/51feec4148e3c458856526ad4bcf44d9912c4c9a.pdf), the TSC comprises representatives of organizations that are contributing to the development of ROS 2, and it has the responsibility to set the technical direction for the project.

The founding members of the ROS 2 TSC are:

* Lou Amadio (Microsoft)
* Matt Deminico (TARDEC)
* Doug Fulop (Amazon)
* Matt Hansen (Intel)
* Seonman Kim (LG Electronics)
* Karsten Knese (Bosch)
* Dejan Pangercic (Apex.AI)
* Matt Spencer (Arm)
* Allison Thackston (Toyota Research Institute)
* Dirk Thomas (Open Robotics)
* Yoonseok Pyo (ROBOTIS)

We're thrilled to have the support from and participation of such an esteemed group of people representing such a diverse set of organizations!

The TSC's first order of business is updating the [roadmap](https://github.com/ros2/ros2/wiki/Roadmap#next-release---crystal-clemmys-december-2018) for the upcoming Crystal Clemmys release in December. Please watch the roadmap; we're adding new features there regularly as we finalize the priorities and resource commitments. In addition, the TSC has already established two working groups, which are up and running:  [Navigation Working Group (NWG)](https://discourse.ros.org/t/ros2-navigation-working-group-kick-off/5559) and Security Working Group (SWG) (post forthcoming). Please join those discussions to participate.

We're also working on updates to developer policies, such as enforcement of a [Developer Certificate of Origin (DCO)](https://developercertificate.org/) on contributions to core ROS 2 repositories.

The establishment of this TSC represents a significant milestone for ROS 2 that will accelerate development on the project, while ensuring focus on the features and use cases that will have the greatest impact.

Call to action:
* As explained in the charter, the TSC is designed to grow over time with new members. Please contact us publicly via Discourse or privately via info at openrobotics.org if you're interested in participating.
* No single group can represent every perspective from across our large community, which means that we need to hear from you. Please use the [tsc tag](https://discourse.ros.org/tags/tsc) to flags topics for attention by the TSC, including proposing agenda items for the TSC's monthly meetings.

[Visit Topic](https://discourse.ros.org/t/introducing-the-ros-2-technical-steering-committee/6132/1) or reply to this email to respond.

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