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Mon Sep 24 17:09:40 UTC 2018

[quote="gerkey, post:1, topic:6132"]
The founding members of the ROS 2 TSC are: [..]

It would appear that the TSC founding members are coming almost exclusively from large companies or larg(ish) research organisations.

In addition, the charter states:

> The minimum level of effort commitment required to qualify for TSC membership is **1 full-time equivalent (FTE)**.

Personally, I believe that quite a bit of what made ROS 1 "great" comes from the use by and contributions of individuals, hobbyists and academic users. ROS 2 is not there yet, but it's difficult to imagine that such users would be able to commit to such levels of effort, which would seem to excluse them from participation.

Is there any provision for getting people from those user groups on the TSC? Is the follow-up sentence ("This level may be changed by the TSC via a standard TSC motion and vote") meant to make this possible?

It would seem a shame if the direction of technical development of ROS 2 is completely determined by commercial entities.

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