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Collen Gura via Discourse.ros.org ros.discourse at gmail.com
Mon Feb 4 12:16:49 UTC 2019

Your project is most welcome. I am new to Robotics, but am clear on what I want my robot to do as a farmer.

I write not on on behalf of ROS agriculture for I have no such authority to do so. However, may I suggest that you consider current efforts by the ROS Agriculture Community to convert farm vehicles into autonomous farm vehicles ranging from tractors pulling grain bins, planters, trailers, ploughing disks to combine harvesters. Ideally, a scalable Raspberry Pi Robot is most welcome. Bear in mind that it is crucial for the farmer to make the robot as he has to deal with converting the tractor to autonomous vehicle. Here lies a value proposition for a project that provides the processes of how to make such robot in addition to how ROS works. Would it be considered unattractive to sell robot processes and provide related ROS tutorials as opposed to selling robots? May be not. The lifespan of robot sales not linked to a particular industry may turnout to be short.

In my view, there are three things of great importance to the farmer. Up-skilling his knowledge of ROS as an operating system on the one hand, development of software that runs the farm vehicle, and acquiring the critical knowledge of how to modify the robot to understand where it is, ability for robot to avoid obstacles, including the electronic/mechanical aspects of the vehicle(robot).

In conclusion, you may want to review the value proposition of your project at this early stage if you are planning in upgrading it to a sustainable business venture.


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