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Geoffrey Biggs via Discourse.ros.org ros.discourse at gmail.com
Tue Feb 12 01:37:48 UTC 2019

With the increasing addition of remote engineering resources thanks to the efforts of the TSC, there must be some kind of instantaneous chat going on. @wjwwood mentioned an Open Robotics slack; having an internal slack is not something I'm going to argue against because I agree it is needed. As everyone seems to agree, what is lacking is the equivalent for the whole community that is *actually used*. I gave up trying to maintain my connection to #ROS because was 95% no activity, 4% someone making a random statement along the lines of "Hi there! I'm learning ROS! Yay", and the remaining 1% was interesting discussion. This not-being-used thing is a problem. As @kyrofa said, having to hold your design discussions in a public channel that supports rapid, lightweight response is better all around.

What technical solution to use for instantaneous chat is another thread now, but I am all in favour of trying to transform things a bit in this way.

Plus my collection of Slacks is not nearly big enough yet.

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