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Wed Feb 13 03:25:41 UTC 2019

In regards to Matrix, checkout the talk by the core dev team from FOSDEM 2019. It was posted earlier this month and covers a bit of the dilemma we've been sharing here wrt to ecosystem silos:

Specific times of note:

### [5:08](https://youtu.be/C2eE7rCUKlE?t=308) Decentralised network and Optional bridging  

[![image|690x388](upload://dSadWQxqJ1td6Yl77RNPkUUWzRe.jpeg) ](https://youtu.be/C2eE7rCUKlE?t=308)

### [43:45](https://youtu.be/C2eE7rCUKlE?t=2625) Latest Riot Client

 [![image|690x388](upload://qoERXvojzx2dy3sdAccGuSLxQHQ.jpeg) ](https://youtu.be/C2eE7rCUKlE?t=308)

As of writing, it doesn't look like main riot site has updated the client to reflect to one demoed, but you can still test that latest build locally, or by going visiting [experimental](https://riot.im/experimental) page, as posted [here](https://medium.com/@RiotChat/redesign-experimenters-needed-afa7c2d4c858).

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