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Christophe Bedard via Discourse.ros.org ros.discourse at gmail.com
Sat Feb 16 21:09:56 UTC 2019

A couple thoughts, as an outsider (slash interested student).

[quote="gbiggs, post:5, topic:7782"]
This is why I like the idea of having a regularly scheduled teleconference where we can ask about something and get a rapid, easily-clarified answer.

[quote="gbiggs, post:15, topic:7782"]
Another idea is, when a new design pull request or major feature implementation pull request goes up, to schedule a day or two later a teleconference to talk about it as part of the review process.

Something like PX4's [weekly dev call](https://dev.px4.io/en/contribute/dev_call.html) would help outsiders like me keep up with development and slowly get involved. It would also make development more transparent and open to the community. There's already a couple WGs for specific areas (e.g. navigation), but there are none for core ROS2 stuff (AFAIK) other than the (closed-ish) TSC.

[quote="cratliff, post:11, topic:7782"]
I think it would be useful to examine what particular issue causes the IRC to be inactive.

Too many options just gets confusing, even if each one has its specific uses (discourse vs. answers vs. GitHub vs. IRC).

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