[ros-users] [Discourse.ros.org] [ROS-Industrial] Integration of 6-axis manipulator and 2-axis positioner (external axes)

Thomas Lehmann via Discourse.ros.org ros.discourse at gmail.com
Fri Feb 22 00:27:56 UTC 2019

The `controller_list` is included in `config/controllers.yaml` of the moveit_config package and contains 3 controllers. One for all joints (arm and positioner) and two for the arm and positioner individually. This is the same approach as found in the dual arm `motoman_sda10f_moveit_config` package. The latter two controllers have non-empty names and that seems to be a problem based on the issue that you are referencing. If I, however, remove the last two controllers, so that only the unnamed remains I get the following error when I try to execute a planned trajectory (in simulation):

[ERROR] [1550792465.767458570]: Joint trajectory action failing on invalid joints
[ WARN] [1550792465.767995973]: Controller  failed with error code INVALID_JOINTS
[ WARN] [1550792465.768094358]: Controller handle  reports status FAILED

I do not have experience with multi-group systems in ROSi and could not find much except for existing multi-arm systems to go from. According to [this](http://wiki.ros.org/Industrial/Tutorials/Create_a_MoveIt_Pkg_for_an_Industrial_Robot) tutorial, "A non-empty "name" parameter may be required if multiple robots are being controlled, to provide separate namespaces." Naming the controllers is, however, apparently an issue as stated here: https://github.com/ros-industrial-consortium/bezier_examples/issues/2. Could a possible solution be to push the `FollowJointTrajectory` server down into a namespace (e.g. remap it)? And would I have to spawn two `FollowJointTrajectory` servers, for arm and positioner?

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