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Thu Feb 28 03:32:20 UTC 2019

[quote="ruffsl, post:22, topic:7794"]

If desired, we could just as well bridge matrix with IRC (or Discord and whatever else if warranted) via matrixs bridging integrations:


Freenode runs a bridge. I just tried it out with another channel I manage on Freenode, and it works flawlessly. From a matrix.org (riot.im) account, join this room and the bridge will just do its thing:


[quote="wjwwood, post:24, topic:7794"]

I think groups in riot.im (matrix) are very frustrating because (AFAICT) you cannot share permissions between channels.


They call them "communities" for anyone doing a search.

Communities appear to be a relatively new feature. They do the job, but they kinda suck from a management perspective and from a UI perspective. It's hard to find the place to add rooms to a community in the UI, rooms are added to communities rather than communities containing rooms, etc. They've made the room the top-level entity rather than the community and this has had significant flow-on effects for the management of things.


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