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Wed Jan 9 15:13:04 UTC 2019

[quote="miguelprada, post:6, topic:7188"]
Just wanted to point out [this answer ](https://answers.ros.org/question/133966/install-directly-to-etcudevrulesd/?answer=212041#post-id-212041) by Mike Purvis about how udev rules may/should be installed by packages. 

Nice, I didn't know about that! 

Not sure this directly translates to packages being built/installed locally, though.

When installing a package from source, the udev rules have to be installed manually. It turns out that `kobuki_ftdi` uses the technique you mentioned above to install the udev rules from the binary package, and the `create_udev_rules` script is provided for users that build from source.

To come back to the original question by @andersfischer: I would label `sudo` in scripts as a warning, not an error. There are instances where `sudo` inside a script would be very bad (e.g., when that script is executed from the CMakeLists), and I can't think of a case where it cannot be avoided, but in some instances it's relatively harmless.

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