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Wed Jan 9 19:06:31 UTC 2019

[<img src='/uploads/ros/original/2X/7/7e4ad4cd3c033429a61c57a579347563c225b1a8.jpeg' alt='ROS and Raspberry Pi Tutorial'>](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iLiI_IRedhI)

I am new to ROS myself and in the beginning I struggled. I thought I could put my experience at good use for beginners with a **video tutorial** series. 

I decided to go for a real example. I had my **Donkey Car** (donkeycar.com) parked somewhere (too many things to do) and I thought that would have been a perfect robot to start with.

This video covers (it's long, but I wrote down the time marks in the description on [YouTube](https://youtu.be/iLiI_IRedhI)):

* setting up a **Raspberry Pi 3** with an SD card image from [Ubiquity Robotics](https://ubiquityrobotics.com/), with ROS Kinetic installed.
* installing ROS on Ubuntu
* ROS master, ROS_MASTER_URI and ROS running on multiple platforms
* Packages installation and creation
* topics and messages
* writing a script (publisher and subscriber) in Python
* lots of fun outdoor

**You are all welcome to contribute with your own packages!**

**CODE** : [Find the code on Github](https://github.com/tizianofiorenzani/ros_tutorials)


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