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Sat Jan 12 00:51:42 UTC 2019

Sorry for the long delay.

[quote="EwingKang, post:3, topic:6826"]

As far as the QoS configuring goes, I thought we can only consider `max_samples` since ROS2 rwm implementation is currently keyless (ans thus have only one instance) AFAIK.


For now that is true, but we're currently working on supporting IDL 4.2 directly in ROS 2, at which point you may specify a key and it will influence queuing as separate instances for each key value.

[quote="EwingKang, post:3, topic:6826"]

I propose we can expose the `resource_limits.max_samples` through RMW as well as provide limited value for any preset that involve `KEEP_ALL` history. And this behavior should also be properly documented so the user knows what theyre doing when adjusting the configuration.


I agree, we need to expose more QoS to make `KEEP_ALL` more usable. Any help you (or others) could provide on this in the form of pull requests would be appreciated.


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