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Mon Jan 14 18:47:56 UTC 2019

1. **Are you interested in taking your first steps in robotics?**

2. **Do you seek a practical approach and want to learn by doing?**

***Join our course and learn how to program a*** ***complete real-world robotic system with ROS!***

This course gives an introduction to the Robot Operating System (ROS) including many of the available tools that are commonly used in robotics. With the help of different examples, the course should provide a good starting point for students to work with robots. They learn how to create software including simulation, to interface sensors and actuators, and to integrate control algorithms.

Why? Because creating truly robust, general-purpose robot software is  *hard* . From the robot's perspective, problems that seem trivial to humans often vary wildly between instances of tasks and environments. Dealing with these variations is so hard that no single individual, laboratory, or institution can hope to do it on their own.

Event Link: https://www.universe.com/events/industrial-robot-operating-system-i-ros-tickets-YQ8GRN


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