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Mon Jan 28 11:26:58 UTC 2019

Dear ROS developers, the NASA Curiosity Rover ROSject (https://rds.theconstructsim.com/tc_projects/use_project_share_link/ab7e9a02-8907-4208-996a-ba1f45c20db2) is now open source for everyone. Ready-to-go project including:
- ROS code
- Gazebo simulation
- Mars environment
- Rviz config files
- Jupyter notebook with instructions

This is a port to Gazebo-ROS of the Curiosity Mars Rover, including velocity control, mast control, odometry, camera and mars terrains.

It is based on the official 3D models issued published by the NASAJPL itself, including the Mars terrain map, which is based in real martial holography.

This ROSject is a first basic version of the Curiosity rover that went to Mars, check out all the footage and images generated by the real robot: https://mars.nasa.gov/msl/.

This ROSject serves as the foundation to further upgrades to make it as close as the real robot as possible. Its open for the community to make its own upgrades and contributions through ROSjects or the Git: https://bitbucket.org/theconstructcore/curiosity_mars_rover/src/master/.

This first version has totally functional 6 wheel drive and suspension, arm control and mast movement. It also has installed a Camera on the mas to start creating Vido Based navigation around Mars.

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