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Wed Jan 30 18:14:24 UTC 2019

We are currently designing the next generation cleaning robots that will take over the cleaning industry! Our robot, Neo, is successfully deployed to a long list of some of the best managed facilities on 5 continents. Our customers are using Neo in airports, shopping malls, universities, hospitals, commercial and industrial facilities.

Our robots use an advanced sensor suite to identify their location and then plan optimal paths to cover these areas as fast as possible using path planning algorithms developed in-house. We are looking for an experienced, passionate, quality-driven Senior Software Developer to help our team expand and solidify our set of proprietary path planning algorithms to tackle increasingly complex, varied, and dynamic worlds. You will get to prove the robustness of your algorithms both in simulation and in hardware, across thousands of unique real-life environments of our customers.

Ideally, you have exceptional practical and applied expertise in designing and developing path-planning algorithms for mobile robot task-oriented navigation.  You have worked with computationally-restricted hardware running efficient code. You love that your software is architected well, handles many possible combinations of inputs, and produces outputs that work optimally for every situation.  You understand how your algorithms translate to real-life performance in hardware and have developed solutions that address the numerous constraints that apply to mobile robots operating in highly dynamic conditions, to your customers complete satisfaction.

You will be responsible for design, coding, documentation, and testing of your path planning code in simulation and hardware.  You will be working alongside teams of experienced robotics veterans and programmers to support you along the way.

**Main Tasks:**

* Design, implement, and test coverage planning algorithms for mobile robotic cleaning coverage and other navigation goals.

* Support the existing codebase by augmenting and repairing different aspects of the code.


**Main Requirements:**

* Degree in computer science, engineering, or equivalent, with particular emphasis on algorithm design and development

* 5+ years of industry experience in mobile robotic coverage planning, or algorithm development in an object-oriented language such as C++ or Java

* Driven individual, passionate about algorithms and algorithm development, self-starter


* Strong familiarity with ROS

* Linux development environment and tooling

* Image processing, game and graphics programming

* Worked on a full navigation stack before




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