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Thu Jan 31 18:33:21 UTC 2019

[quote="LeroyR, post:13, topic:5840"]
The steps from the ticket include reading issues and creating pull request. Maybe people did read tickets and created pull requests: what now? Thumps Up PRs? I can imagine this is why none of the volunteers did help. I fell somewhat lost after reading the ticket - No Offense, just presenting my own thought process.

You might want to read through the instructions of the referenced PR which describe in detail what kind of help we are looking for: https://github.com/ros/ros_comm/issues/1496

And no, just "reading issues" isn't helping much - the goal is to comment on issues with the finding according to the triage process described in the above ticket. Just to copy some of the bullets from there:

  * Check if it is still valid
  * If it is a bug try to reproduce the reported problems
  * Consider creating a pull request to fix the bug / implement the feature request (always [referencing](https://help.github.com/articles/closing-issues-using-keywords/) the original issue)
  * If you don't have the permission (yet) to set labels or close obsolete tickets please just comment with the suggestion and someone will follow up on it.

Also "thumbs up PRs" isn't helping much since it is unclear what the reviewer actually did (beside that nobody gets a notification when you add an emoji to a ticket). Maybe the person just wants the problem to be fixed. Again some bullets on what we are looking for:

  * Check if it is still valid
    * All pull requests must target the latest development branch which is commonly also the default branch (currently  `melodic-devel` ), the only exception is if a patch is only applicable to older branches and not necessary on the default branch
  * If the patch already has feedback which hasn't been addressed by the author consider creating a new PR addressing the pending feedback to make the patch mergable (always referencing the original ticket)
  * Review the patch which includes:
    * Check the diff for problems (unnecessary / unrelated changes, incorrect / incomplete logic, API / ABI breakage, code style matching surrounding code)
    * Reproduce the problem without the patch
    * Apply the patch
    * Reproduce that the problem has been addressed and try to make sure that it doesn't introduce any regressions
    * Ensure that it passes the tests

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