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Tue Mar 5 19:18:02 UTC 2019

[quote="braineniac, post:3, topic:8149"]
have already experimented with meta layers from jumpnowtek and meta-ros(to generate a beaglebone and raspberry image with ROS). I find it kind of weird that its still on indigo.

Maintainers simply may not have enough time to contribute. Most of them work full-time for projects. Updating this is probably a fantastic way to demonstrate your experience with OpenEmbedded ;) (it always helps for the application, it did in my case!)

[quote="braineniac, post:3, topic:8149"]
Also was there any work done on integrating rmw-microxrcedds from @BorjaOuterelo? Putting ROS on microcontrollers and sbcs should kinda be the point of OpenEmbedded.

That's wrong. The point of OpenEmbedded isn't that one. Moreover this was attempted in the past and you'd find that getting a fully fledged DDS implementation running in a microcontroller is somewhat complicated and not really useful. That's what the micro-ROS project is for which builds on top of previous experiences.

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