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Geoffrey Biggs via Discourse.ros.org ros.discourse at gmail.com
Wed Mar 6 05:21:09 UTC 2019

This thread is to plan the work to be done in the first couple of weeks of the 1.12 release cycle.

Because we are planning some significant changes to our development processes and environment for 1.12, we need to decide what will be done when to prevent problems such as PRs being made while we are moving packages around.

This is the list of things that need to be done, not necessarily in order. Please comment if you think I have missed one.

- Rename the organisation (dependent on us getting the name)
- Create new repositories according to the [repository discussion](https://discourse.ros.org/t/splitting-the-autoware-ai-repository-and-changing-the-organisation/8139)
- Move packages to new repositories
- Move packages to new layout
- Change permissions on organisation
- Change permissions on repository
- Add `.repos` file and switch to using `vcs` for installation
- Decided on features to include in 1.12 and add them to the milestone
- Clean up the branches to match the [new branching model](https://github.com/CPFL/Autoware/wiki/Contributing-to-Autoware.AI#repository-guidelines)
- Fixing CI to work with the new repository layout

Here is my proposal for when we do each thing that needs to be done. Please comment and I will update the table as we discuss.

|Day|Things to do|
|Thursday, March 14|Release 1.11|
||Rename CPFL to Autoware (or Autoware.X if name not available)|
||Change permissions on organisation|
||Change permissions on repositories|
||Start of no-new-PRs period|
|Friday, March 15|Create new repositories for Autoware|
||Create `autoware.repos`|
||Change installation instructions to use `vcs`|
|Saturday, March 16||
|Sunday, March 17|Sleep|
|Monday, March 18|Remove `develop` branch; master becomes the main branch|
||Clean up other branches as possible|
||Start collecting features for 1.12|
|Tuesday, March 19|Start fixing CI|
|Wednesday, March 20||
|Thursday, March 21||
|Friday, March 22||
|Saturday, March 23||
|Sunday, March 24|Sleep more|
|Monday, March 25|Freeze list of features targetted for 1.12 (except for justified exceptions on a case-by-case basis)|
||Contributors start working on their own fork|
||Open for PRs again|
|Tuesday, March 26||
|Wednesday, March 27|Create CPFL organisation and move non-Autoware repositories there|
|Some time during the above|Fix CI to match new repositories|
|After|Move packages one at a time to new repositories (timing of each based on PRs for that package)|
||Move code between packages to improve package layout|

Ultimately, this work is going to be disruptive. My hope is that by doing it as soon as possible and in one chunk we can minimise that disruption.

I think the package reorganisation (into repositories, and code into packages) can be done over
time. We can do each package individually once we shift to `vcs` so there is no need to rush them
all in at once. This gives us some flexibility to work around pull requests.

An open question is what to do with existing PRs that won't be merged for 1.11. Do we ask the
person doing it to move to a fork and make a new PR now?

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