[ros-users] [Discourse.ros.org] [Autoware] Splitting the Autoware.AI repository and changing the organisation

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Thu Mar 7 10:46:34 UTC 2019

@gbiggs @esteve in order to future-proof the new repository structure we need to think of potential use-cases for Autoware. I can see 2 clear options for use:

- All bundled in the same machine: this would effectively be the same approach as the current repo has, i.e. AV-related nodes, handling of startup and visualisation (Rviz) are done in the same machine.
- Distributed: this option would run AV-related nodes in one machine, whereas handling of startup and visualisation is performed in a separate device(s). This second alternative would be closer to what it would be expected for an AV, where un-needed overhead is not put on the embedded device which is performing sensor processing, control, etc

To achieve the above the msgs might be needed everywhere (I haven't looked in depth as to whether they'd be needed on Rviz yet), so it might be beneficial for them to have their own repository.

We also need to consider how and what docker images will be generated and where the Dockerfiles will be hosted.

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