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[quote="Dejan_Pangercic, post:33, topic:8139"]
> * All bundled in the same machine: this would effectively be the same approach as the current repo has, i.e. AV-related nodes, handling of startup and visualisation (Rviz) are done in the same machine.
> * Distributed: this option would run AV-related nodes in one machine, whereas handling of startup and visualisation is performed in a separate device(s). This second alternative would be closer to what it would be expected for an AV, where un-needed overhead is not put on the embedded device which is performing sensor processing, control, etc

@sgermanserrano I do not fully understand how are a repository structure and where you install/run Autoware nodes connected? As it is mentioned further down, you can easily create binaries for just subparts of the repo (e.g. visualization) and install it on the same or different machine than e.g. real-time nodes.

@Dejan_Pangercic he comment was a consideration to have when considering splitting the repository. But as it is today if I want to run Autoware in a Synquacer (which is Arm based) and have Rviz running in x86 I would need 2 full copies of Autoware that need to be compiled separately.
A split repository would mean a higher degree of control as what to compile and install in a particular machine, without a deeper knowledge of Autoware, otherwise for a new user I do not see an easy way to decide what nodes are needed.

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