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Thu Mar 14 16:59:07 UTC 2019


Are you referring to the ROS-bridge or to our AutoWare integration?

1. What do you mean by CARLA being very "heavy"?

2. The simulator is hard to build given the current instructions or just takes many steps? I mean, are there points where you got blocked and therefore need attention or is it just that since it is a UE4 project it deviates from a common ROS-based compilation recipe?

3. Vehicle dynamics is strange sounds like a very vague description. What problems are you having with vehicle dynamics? In fact the dynamics of the vehicles are configurable by the user through the API.

4. Right, the bridge is not a ROS package yet. We can work on making this happen

5. The PythinAPI is a super-set of the egg. There are some additional functionalities. But we remove this dependency.

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