[ros-users] ROS Tutorial User Test Questions

Hunter Allen allen286 at purdue.edu
Fri Jul 10 19:33:32 UTC 2015

Hey everyone,

I just noticed how very out of date the Tutorial Questions are...

Biggest issues I see: 
      * Willow Garage should be changed (right? I mean, I guess it 
        doesn't have to, but this could be confusing for new users...)
      * Small thing... "What is the message type of the topic in the 
        previous question." Ends in a period (referring to the 
        talker/listener question)
      * It asks "What does rxconsole show you?" but, I'm pretty sure 
        that application has since been depricated...
      * Lastly, the "What does roslaunch do?"

I'd be glad to update them, but I figured I should put this in the 
mailing list before I just start changing things.

-Hunter A.

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