[ros-users] 3rd ROS Meetup in Korea!

Yoonseok Pyo passionvirus at gmail.com
Wed Jul 15 02:24:47 UTC 2015

Hi Everyone,

We held the 3rd ROS Korea users seminar & meetup event at Dong-a University
in Busan, on 8 July 2015. We held 1st and 2nd meetup event in Seoul, Korea.
However, this time, we held in other city 'Busan', try to spread ROS in


The seminar covered overview for introduction of ROS, SLAM, Navigation,
Moveit and Gazebo. See the links below for the presentation slides.

For the past year, OROCA (www.oroca.org) community has been effort to
expand open robotics software in Korea. We want to continue this activity
with ROS. We are tentatively planning to hold 4th ROS meetup in Korea on

We'd like to give special thanks to OSRF, ROS development teams and many
ROS users. Also, thanks to Prof. Jong-Wook Kim at Dong-a University and our
sponsors Yujin Robot and ROBOTIS.

Yoonseok Pyo
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