[ros-users] Real robot control on Linux

Dejan Pangercic dejan.pangercic at gmail.com
Fri Jul 17 07:08:57 UTC 2015

Hi everyone,
I am looking for some pointers from those that run your robots on Linux in
real time.
I'd really appreciate if you would share with me:
- which robot/use case do you have
- which HW architecture are you using (e.g. arm vs x86)
- which Linux distro
- which real time kernel (e.g. xenoami vs rt_preempt)
- which scheduler
- which peripherals (e.g. CAN, Ethercat, serial, etc.)
- which application framework (e.g. written from scratch, ROS, Orocos, )
- which actuators do you control

Thanks upfront, D.
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