[ros-users] [GSoC Project] Cartesian Impedance Control

Kelsey Hawkins kphawkins at gmail.com
Sun May 1 00:29:45 UTC 2016

Wrote a hybrid force controller a long time ago based on the Cartesian
controller for the PR2:


>From what I remember, you should be able to send it a local direction
cosines frame which allows you to decompose the Cartesian controller into
control in the 3 linear dimensions and the 3 angular dimensions. For each
dimension, you could pick whether it applies a target force using a PI
controller or controls to a set point with individually specified impedance
gains. Also does control in the null space.

It assumes a force torque sensor at the wrist, however.

Here's a simple Cartesian position controller I wrote about a year and a
half ago:

This was designed to work with ros-control, but might have only worked with
my fork of ros-control. This should let you set gains for each direction
and possibly let you pick the orocos solver for inverse velocity.

I can't promise any support, but hopefully this code will point you in the
right direction.

On Apr 30, 2016 6:39 PM, "KILOREUX Emperex via ros-users" <
ros-users at lists.ros.org> wrote:

> Hey,
> I am following a Master's degree in robotics and we use ROS extensively
> here, I'd be happy to give you a hand or any feedback you need.
> On Sat, Apr 30, 2016 at 11:14 PM, Risto Kojcev via ros-users <
> ros-users at lists.ros.org> wrote:
>> Dear ROS Users,
>> For this year GSoC I would like to develop and Interface for Cartesian
>> Impedance/Force Control for ROS. More details of the submitted project idea
>> can be found here
>> <https://storage.googleapis.com/summerofcode-prod.appspot.com/gsoc/core_project/doc/1458900878_RistoKojcev-ProposalImpedanceForceControl.pdf?Expires=1462140669&GoogleAccessId=summerofcode-prod%40appspot.gserviceaccount.com&Signature=4o1xwyw6uF6cYtjvxPyQWnkuYrJ%2BBj5Ot26zkJ%2BumT44GNVJLwVETL0OsAfRDRGaTsmti%2FyiRMArGLqhabNS6yoXeB%2B%2BEAT30l4%2BsgXojCmIbo3GDQmF%2FIJjnZmvRDdQt1FzqXsFUKmg0xcLp6i9hGRTwCPcY0Ia5MJ%2B9eu8qHpdknVif2dFUinOsZCa9SM2Fi0X5pRGBFIxs9q3b3DYxON0VhOvL%2Bb3VBCUbaEoGeIYi9zxLAdRJ2%2FGkRGsP%2F8EBN%2FgNFXdzZdskWxnHfoR9boGC%2F2sp%2Fh6o88%2Fbju8DK97hmI4saYEI0dpuinruRvCwb3iuxMWw%2Ft3Pno9HrPRgw%3D%3D>
>> .
>> In order to develop an useful tool for the community I would like to get
>> feedback from the ROS users regarding some of the components the interface
>> should have to make it more useful and applicable.
>> Thank you so much for your help.
>> Risto
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