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Fri May 6 00:50:13 UTC 2016

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> On May 5, 2016, at 15:14, "P. J. Reed via ros-users" <ros-users at lists.ros.org> wrote:
> As hinted yesterday, the real project I have to announce is the Bag
> Database.  This is a server that will scan and monitor an arbitrary
> directory of bag files, index them, and provide a web-based interface
> that can be used to quickly search through, analyze, and download them. 
> Have you ever wondered, "Do we have any bags that have a TexturedMarker
> message in them?", or "What did the path this vehicle followed look like
> on a satellite terrain map?"  This will help you answer both of those
> questions.
> It was designed primarily for internal use; our team has a NAS on which
> we store thousands of bag files, many of which are several GB in size,
> and searching through them by hand was difficult and time-consuming. 
> With the Bag Database, everybody can still use tools such as Samba or
> SFTP to put their bags on the NAS, and the Bag DB will automatically
> analyze them and make them available in its UI.  We have about 15 TB of
> bags, and it takes about half a second to search through all of them for
> arbitrary message types or topics.
> Features:
> - Display any of the information about a bag normally obtained through
> "rosbag info"
> - Quickly search for bags based on their filename, location, contained
> message types, or published topics
> - Filter the visible list of bags based on start and end times,
> latitude/longitude, size, and more
> - Store user-entered metadata such as the vehicle name or description
> - Display the bag's path of GPS coordinates on a MapQuest or Bing map
> - Use Google's reverse-geocoding API to get a string describing a bag's
> location from its lat/lon coordinates
> - Identify duplicate bag files and tell you about them (although this UI
> could be better...)
> The Bag Database is a Java servlet that only needs a PostgreSQL database
> to be useful, and it's easiest to deploy it as a Docker container. 
> Source code, documentation, and installation instructions are all
> available on GitHub:
> https://github.com/swri-robotics/bag-database
> I know it still has a few rough spots I can work out, but I thought now
> was a good time to go ahead and release it and see how much interest
> there is.
> Feel free to submit any issues or feature requests on GitHub, and let me
> know if you have any other questions about it.
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