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Riano Lorenzo (CR/RTC1.1-NA) Lorenzo.Riano at us.bosch.com
Mon May 16 21:46:59 UTC 2016

The Bosch Robotics Team is looking for outstanding Masters or PhD level interns to work on 3D perception applied to robotics. Identifying objects in cluttered environments, estimating their pose and tracking their position from a moving robotic arm are among the tasks to work on.

As the ideal candidate you have strong technical skills, are willing to tackle real-life problems and work in a highly dynamic team. You are also eager to solve real life problems and go the extra mile to create robust solutions. Depending on your background, you will solve challenging problems in 3D perception, computer vision, object reconstruction and localization. We strongly encourage producing research quality work that can lead to publications.

Skills / Job Requirements

*         Currently pursuing a M.S. or PhD in CS, or related fields

*         Robotics and/or computer vision-related coursework and experience

*         Proven experience developing software using C++ (Python is a plus) and ROS

*         Proven experience with Android and/or iOS development is a plus

*         Knowledge of Linux and development on Linux systems

*         Demonstrated ability to work independently as well as within a highly-motivated team environment.

*         Excellent communication skills and a proven ability to deliver on challenging software development tasks.

*         Experience in one or more of the research areas indicated above.

Required Application Materials

*         Cover letter

*         Resume/CV

*         If possible, two references and/or two letters of recommendation

*         Please indicate desired internship time frame

To apply please see the link http://www.bosch.us/content/language1/html/14884.htm

Lorenzo Riano
Personal Robotics Team

Bosch Research and Technology Center
4009 Miranda Avenue
Palo Alto, CA
Tel +1 (650) 320-2970

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