[ros-users] New features of ros_control in ROS Kinetic

Bence Magyar bence.magyar.robotics at gmail.com
Tue May 24 11:25:48 UTC 2016

TL;DR: scroll down and check the list.

Hello everyone,

Now that ROS Kinetic has been released I would like to bring your attention
to the new features we have introduced to ros_control in Kinetic.

This day ros_control is being used by members of industry, academia and
even space agencies. Pretty neat, huh?

We would like to thank everyone contributing to the software and the
discussions, your feedback is what keeps things improving.

If you are in doubt about some features, feel free to open an issue on
github and we will do our best to answer. If you have code to patch up,
feel free to open a pull request and as always, we are a bit behind on
documentation, so if you'd like to contribute that's a good spot to start!

New features of ros_control in Kinetic:

   - *CombinedRobotHW *adds the feature of loading RobotHW classes as
   plugins, platform-specific ros_control RobotHW implementations can now be
   shipped along with the platform and there's no need to customize the
   RobotHW every time new hardware is added. Minimizing integration efforts
   for the better.

   - Mobile base that can have one arm or 2 arms.
      - Arm that can have several fancy end effectors.
      For more see: https://github.com/ros-controls/ros_control/pull/231
   - *joint_trajectory_controller* now publishes feedback on the action
   For more see: https://github.com/ros-controls/ros_controllers/issues/173
   - The *PID* class in control_toolbox supports:
      - Negative values through the dynamic_reconfigure interface:
      - When configured, they publish their state information on a topic of
      - Anti-windup: https://github.com/ros-controls/control_toolbox/pull/38

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