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Im not going to speak for TRI-ADs intentions, but a relevant piece of information is that valet parking is not a big thing in Japan.


It's not a big thing in Europe either, but AVP is an excellent usecase for Autoware.Auto (and Autoware.AI):

- Not on public roads, so while safety is still important, we are minimizing risks, and permits and insurance are hopefully easier to obtain.

- Low speeds.

- Maps for the most part don't change.

- Very few pedestrians.

- No cyclists.

- We have partners within the foundation that are already working on AVP as a product/service (e.g. Parkopedia), so we can leverage their expertise.

- Simpler to simulate.

- It is a useful and real usecase, it's not a synthetic demo that won't have any kind of impact.

@Brian_Holt wrote a great article detailing why AVP is the most likely self-driving technology to be deployed in real cars in the short/medium term http://avp-project.uk/why-autonomous-valet-parking


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