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Wed Feb 27 05:38:50 UTC 2019

Hello Everyone,

I am working with autoware and I am much interested in the localization and mission planning (Path planning). Now i have tested and understood about LIDAR localizer with autoware provided sample data sets ( sample_moriyama_150324.bag, pcd files, vector map files), also with our custom datasets which includes .bag file, point cloud map and vector maps.
**Question 1:**
Even though vector maps loading correctly without any issues, I wonder how these vector maps are utilized in the autoware localization? In general, I understood the significance of vector maps in the localization, but I didn't get how and where autoware making use of these vector maps?
**Lidar localizer with loaded vector maps:**

**Question 2:**
Also, i have tried to test mission planning in the autoware with the demo dataset provided. When starting **mission_planning** node, i am getting a following error message in the terminal.
**starting mission_planning:**
**Error Message in the terminal:**

Appreciate your kind assistance, Thanks.


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