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Old-Topics: Re: [ros-users] Groovy issue: genlisp generating multiple ASDF references for the same action using catkin
Subject: Re: [ros-users] FIXED Groovy issue: genlisp generating multiple ASDF references for the same action using catkin

the issue was related to search path appearing multiple times when
looking for .msg-files to process.
The fix is to be found here:

Opened a pull request for the original repo.


On 06/05/2013 02:58 PM, Georg Bartels wrote:
> Hi Jan,
> I can confirm the issue: When building your provided package
> action_test_catkin with catkin_make the resulting lisp-structures for
> the two actions show up twice in the auto-generated asd-file. As
> another test, I added another two test actions. Then every action
> defined ended up four times in the auto-generated asd-file.
> So, it seems with n action definitions a) genlisp gets called n times
> for all action-related messages or b) genlisp gets called with a list
> of messages to build where this list contains the action-related
> messages n times.
> Just for reference, I'm running groovy on oneiric 64 bit.
> Cheers,
> Georg.
> On 06/05/2013 12:43 PM, Jan Winkler wrote:
>> Hey guys,
>> we just realized a problematic issue when generating action message
>> using the catkin message generation mechanism.
>> When catkin_make'ing a package that includes actions, the
>> corresponding messages (`.msg`-files) containing the Request, Result,
>> and Feedback structures are referenced multiple times in the
>> resulting `.asd`-Lisp file for that package.
>> This practically breaks loading the message definitions into roslisp,
>> making the message types unusable this way.
>> The issue arises once you define more than one action in a package.
>> If only one action is defined, it does not come up. When defining
>> more than one `.action`-file (say, n files) and putting them into
>> your CMakeLists.txt file, the block in the `.asd`-file for that
>> action gets written n times.
>> Just for clarification, if a message is defined more than once in the
>> `.asd`-file by the same name (which is the case here), it is
>> unloadable by ASDF (and therefore, roslisp!).
>> The issue does not arise when configuring the package as a rosbuild
>> package (i.e. all `.asd`-files get generated just fine).
>> The consequence of this issue is, that every package built using
>> catkin has this problem. Actually, the _officially_released_ packages
>> include this error.
>> I'm on Quantal (12.10), using ros-groovy. A good example is the
>> `moveit_msgs` package. If you look into the file
>> `/opt/ros/groovy/share/common-lisp/ros/moveit_msgs/msg/moveit_msgs-msg.asd`,
>> you will most probably find, for example, the "PickupResult" file
>> being referenced several times (three times, that is).
>> The MoveIt! messages (and any other released catkin package messages
>> including a number of actions > 1) are therefore not usable in ANY
>> roslisp code in groovy.
>> I attached a sample setup once configured as a rosbuild package and
>> once as a catkin package. The resulting .asd files for both cases as
>> well as their diff are attached as well (speak `diff
>> action_test_catkin-msg.asd action_test_rosbuild-msg.asd`). As you can
>> see, there is an additional block describing the Test.action and
>> Test2.action messages, hence breaking the load process of the ASDF
>> system.
>> We added two individual messages `MessageTest.msg` and
>> `MessageTest2.msg`. These get generated only once in every case.
>> Correcting the file by hand makes the ASDF system load and work just
>> fine.
>> A wild guess would be that genlisp is doing something wrong when
>> enumerating the things it has to write into the `.asd`-file.
>> Can anyone confirm this issue?
>> Best regards,
>> Jan
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