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Author: Felix Kolbe
To: User discussions
Subject: [ros-users] ROS on MetraLabs Scitos robots (metralabs_ros package rework announcement)
Hello to anyone using ROS on a Scitos robot from MetraLabs [0],

you hopefully know the metralabs_ros package [1] from Chris Burbridge'
original repository uuisrc-ros-pkg [2] or my fork.

We will rework the package on the inside and outside, aiming for robot
instance flexibility and compatibility, round feature set, ROS
standards, catkin compatibility and eventually an announced release.

Therefore the package has been extracted to a separate repository [3],
deprecating the old location.

If you are using our package or just ROS on a Scitos in another way
we'd like to hear from you! If you have any issues or feature
requests please file them in the new repo [3].

0: http://www.metralabs.com/
1: http://ros.org/wiki/metralabs_ros
2: https://github.com/cburbridge/uuisrc-ros-pkg
3: https://github.com/cburbridge/scitos

Happy coding