Re: [ros-users] ROSCon 2014 slides and videos posted

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Skribent: Brian Gerkey
Til: User discussions
Emne: Re: [ros-users] ROSCon 2014 slides and videos posted
We heard from some folks that some of the videos posted were not in
HD, making the slides difficult to read. We re-exported the
half-dozen that were not HD into 720p (the best we can do given the
source material) and uploaded them. Happy viewing!


On Wed, Sep 24, 2014 at 9:41 AM, Brian Gerkey <> wrote:
> We're happy to announce that videos and speakers' slides from ROSCon
> 2014 have been posted, and are linked from the program page:
> The videos can also be browsed at:
> Enjoy!
> - Your ROSCon 2014 Organizing Committee

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