[ros-users] ROSCon 2015 Location and Timing Survey

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Skribent: Tully Foote
Til: User discussions
Emne: [ros-users] ROSCon 2015 Location and Timing Survey
Hi Everyone,

We had a great time at ROSCon 2014! (if you missed it we've posted videos
of all the presentations online now at http://roscon.ros.org/2014/program/ )

Although it's a long way off still we need to look forward to when and
where to hold the next instance. To help facilitate that process we'd like
the communities feedback on what times and locations would best fit into
their schedules. Please take a minute to let us know where you would be
able to join us for our next event.


There is a place for your name and email, but it's not required.

Your future ROSCon 2015 Organizing Committee
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