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Skribent: Yanzhen Wang
Til: Users ROS
Emne: [ros-users] "Getting Started"-like documentation of LibEDM (a machine learning library)
Hi all,

Following our previous post (http://lists.ros.org/lurker/message/20140918.082108.a9bffe51.en.html) and the feedback we received, we created a "Getting Started"-like documentation for the LibEDM library, which is an open source machine learning library written in C++. You can find the documentation here:
We hope it can let you have a taste of LibEDM.

And the library itself can be obtained from either GitHub (https://github.com/Qiangli-Zhao/LibEDM) or the link below.

We would be very grateful if you can try it out and let us know your opinions.

Best regards,Yanzhen------------------------------------------------------------------------------------micROS Group
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