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Skribent: Mike Purvis
Til: User discussions
Emne: Re: [ros-users] Interest and proposal intention survey for a ROS Handbook
Hi Anis,

I'm not sure how to express this through your form, but something that's
badly needed from Clearpath's perspective is a modern take on what the
parts are which make up a typical ROS robot. This is beyond the "basics" of
building a workspace, creating publishers and subscribers, launching
things, etc, but it's not as high-level as specific packages like
navigation, moveit, etc.

Obviously there's a lot of variability out there, but if someone were to
build a robot today, from scratch, to use ROS, they'd ask some fundamental
questions like:

- How do I build a URDF for my robot? How do I name the links and
joints? Should I have a base_footprint? Should I use xacro?
- What's the deal with robot_state_publisher, and what's the
relationship between the joint_states topic and my TF tree?
- Where do the odom and map frames come from? Should I always expect
them to be there, or do they come and go depending what's running? How do I
handle REP-105 if my robot has a GPS receiver? What about if it has an
integrated GPS-INS?
- Now that I have a URDF, how do I bring my robot up in Gazebo? How do I
give my simulated robot an IMU, LIDAR, and camera?
- How does my robot know where it is? What is localization, and what
topics are consumed and produced by it?
- For a "typical" encoders + imu + LIDAR configuration, what topics
should I expect to see, where, and on what frequencies?
- How do I set up my robot to use ros_control and the existing suite of
available controllers? Should I have a real-time control loop? If so, how
do I set that up in Ubuntu?
- How should I set up ROS to launch automatically when I turn on my
robot? How do I manage logs, node output, and bag files?

There's been discussion in the past about specifying some standards for
this kind of thing, possibly in a REP, but a great first step would be a
book or other resource which presented this material in an approachable,
linear kind of way.


On 22 October 2014 05:31, Anis Koubaa (COINS) <> wrote:

> Hello ROS users community,
> I am coordinating with Springer publisher to edit a handbook on Robot
> Operating System.
> There are only a few books on ROS which mainly
> represent a brief introduction to ROS and a few basic applications. This
> does not translate the huge amount of work being done in the community and
> I feel the need to have a complete reference on the topic.
> The prospective handbook will cover ROS from foundations and basics to
> advanced research works from both academia and industry. Tutorials and
> research papers will both be sought. The book should cover several robotics
> areas including but not limited to robot navigation, UAVs, arm
> manipulation, multi-robot communication protocols, Web and mobile
> interfaces using ROS, integration of new robotic platform to ROS, computer
> vision applications, development of service robots using ROS, development
> of new libraries and packages for ROS, etc. Every book chapter should be
> accompanied with a working code to be put later in a common repository for
> the readers.
> To express your interest to the handbook and your intention of a chapter
> proposal, I would like to invite you fill in the following form
> <>. The
> proposed chapters are just considered as an initial expression of interest
> and will be included in the handbook proposal. It does not mean any kind of
> commitment for the author at this stage. An official call for chapters with
> instructions and deadline will be announced soon.
> Thank you and look forward to receive your feedback
> Anis
> *-------------------------------------------------------------*
> *Anis Koubaa*
> Associate Professor, Prince Sultan University, Saudi Arabia
> Research Associate, CISTER Research Unit, Portugal
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